Animals for Film and TV

Animals for TV and Film


We have over 130 Sheep to choose from, from our old faithful girls and boys to lambs born Apr-May every year. We have a total mix to represent different time periods, please get in touch with your requirements and we will see what we can do.  Normally we are asked for a small standard flock for a dog to work (we can provide the sheepdog of course) or more "scruffy" ones for period dramas.

We currently hold a Performing Animals Movement Permit - this means that instead of animals being put on a 6 day standstill between each shoot day, we can provide Animals for several days in a row (being returned to the farm on an evening and back to set the following day) or on set for up to 36 hours in one single time.  We hold all the required Animal Transport permits and our prices include all the necessary paperwork required by APHA.

      Winifred - born and bred here!                                                      Laverock Herdi

       Randolph - born here, a pet from day 1      Laverock Tatty - a very popular model !

                               Herdi X                                                  Laverock Horny


  Lots of Cute Lambs available born from mid April to end of May every year.













Dept for Transport "Helpful Hazards" Road Safety Campaign filmed on location here. This campaign involved our sheep being sprayed with Safety announcements and being trained to stay in position whilst cars drove past or to display their messages in a certain order.