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Animals for TV and Film

                  JET - Shetland Sheepdog

Jet is a fantastic little man, very lovable and not above barking at his owner if he doesnt understand what they want!!  Jet has a whole repertoire of tricks - he can sit, beg, pretend to shoot him and he will fall over to the side and lie with his eyes shut! Jet can weave in between your legs and competes at the top level in Dog Agility. Jet's favourite game is his bedtime game when his toys are all hidden round the house and he has to find them all in return for a bedtime biscuit!

If you are looking for a medium/small "family" dog, then Jet is ideal as he is also very good with children.


Quick Info: Dogs name:  JET Age:  9  Breed: Shetland Sheepdog Male  Height to Withers 40 cm  Colour: Tri      

Good with other dogs YES            Good with kids   YES           Basic Obedience – Sit, Stay, Recall     YES

Other Tricks:    Gives Paw   Tug   Fetch Toy    Long distance Down    Weave between legs    Plays dead 

Walks backwards   Can be handled by Stranger   Jumps into Car    Gives Alternate Paws     Crawl      

Take a Bow      Go to Bed