Animals for Film and TV

Animals for TV and Film


Meet Izzy and Pyg, Queens of the Crew Selfies!!

 Everyone loves Izzy and there is always a queue of people waiting to take selfies with her!

 Izzy is a real little character, she enjoys stealing the sheep's cake when she can! Izzy walks nicely on a lead or rope or is happy to be out on a tether. She enjoys being stroked and will jump up on to a table or platform as required. 


 Izzy has recently been filming for a huge period production hitting our screens next year. More information to be released when we are allowed !


If you want something a little less preened then Pyg is the goat for you! Pyg is another little character, she enjoys being stroked and will happily eat from your hand or be taken for walks just like a little dog on a lead!

                  Pyg is another pygmy goat so small and easily handleable



           "Got anything nice to eat??"