Animals for Film and TV

Animals for TV and Film



We incubate our own Eggs here at Laverock so have a lovely range of Hens available. They originate from Maran and Light Sussex and with careful crossing we now have a lovely selection of red/brown, white and speckled black hens available. As we have our own incubator, with a months notice, we can provide NEWBORN CHICKS ANY TIME of the year. Normally on the farm we will have young chicks around the end of March or April. Our hens have recently been clucking around on set for a superb high drama TV production.


We have a lovely little team of Ducks here, originating from Aylesbury Ducks with a couple of mallards thrown in.  Our Ducks have currently been enjoying themselves being fed lots of yummy food on location at a most wonderful ornate lake for an ITV period drama to be released 2016. 




   If you really want Geese we do have some, but only for work here at home......                                               


Barney is our Orange winged Amazon Parrot.  Thankfully he hasnt learnt any rude words yet so is happy to chatter in parrot language. Barney loves to sit on top of his cage and watch proceedings, or fly to our dog crates and sit on top chatting as the dogs go in and out. Only if we all go out do we fasten him in his cage.


  BIRDS of PREY - We have contacts for fully licenced Birds of Prey -  please ask if you require these.