Animals for Film and TV

Animals for TV and Film


Some of the productions and companies we have been/are involved with:



   Beach running Dogs for BBC Radio TV Advert                         Dogs and Hens for a Farm Feature

 Hens happy to be held and Goats trained to walk on leads               Feature on Rescued Sheepdogs


    Dogs opening Fridges, holding Frisbees                     3 month old Lambs trained to follow lead Actress                                      


        German Shepherd as Trained Guard Dogs           Farm Location including Sheep, Dogs and Child Handler

                         Competing (Winning!) Dog                           The Family Dog (esp growling on command) 


  DfT Think!! "Helpful Hazards" Driving Safety Campaign - Sheep, Cows and Sheepdogs were sprayed with Safety Messages and trained to stand still on the road on command whilst vehicles were driven past. The Commercial was also filmed here on location involving a crew of 26.

      ITV Victoria - A variety of Animals including Wolfhounds, Jack Russels, Ducks, Gundogs and Rats